Flap extension and retraction speeds

The flap extension and retraction speeds on the 737s are more than twice as fast than those on the real aircraft.
Request to have them slowed to match the speed of the real planes. Would definitely make for a much smoother transition between changing flap positions.


What do you mean? When I fly the 737 I use pretty much real world flap retraction and flap deployment speed and that seems to work well. Can you give an example?

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Sounds like you are going too fast.

I flew on four 737s last month and the flaps on the real plane extend and retract at less than half the speed that it does in IF .

Here is a quick comparison video I just made, should have done this first I guess.

Real vs Infinite Flight vs Aerofly 2.

How exactly did you know what speed you were going?

What speed are you deploying flaps in IF?

For some rough guidance (and without looking up exact figures in my notes) I am deplying flaps as follows:

190kts Flaps 5
160kts Flaps 15, gear down
140-150kts Flaps 30

This is what I do both on IF and in a full 737-800 simulator and both work.

Oh hold on, you mean actual speed of the transit/movement of the flaps? Sorry it really wasn’t clear this is what you meant initially. Well something worth raising I guess.


I thought this as well. Especially on the A380. They seem to be super quick and I’m pretty sure they aren’t that quick in real life

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@Thomas_Hense, if you can - perhaps edit the title to “Flap deployment speeds need to be reduced”, or “Correct the flap deployment speeds”. I read it as I think everyone else did, as in referring to the actual aircraft speed.

Would be good to have this addressed if it doesn’t reflect the physical counterparts. I believe a similar issue affects the 747s as well.

Changed the title, thanks for the suggestion.

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Well its better than the C17 or 787 ;) but you have a good point.👌

How heavy you fly? In simple I.F term light-medium-heavy? What’s your nose angle if you gonna put flaps 5 at 190kts? You keep compensating nose angle with trim?

Depends on wind, weight and aircraft.

Guys he’s saying they should extend and retract slower not the speed at which you extend and retract should be decreased.

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The 757 and 767 also go down quickly

Yeah I’ve noticed that. After landing when I’m on the taxiway I like to manually pull the back up because when you select from flaps 30 to 0 they go back up 1 second

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Bumping this thread.

It really annoys me how fast the flaps go in and out.


Yea I agree change the retraction and extension speed to match the actual aircraft. Glad someone brought this up

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I’ve found that flaps can often be not paid much attention to, for instance on the Lockheed P-38 the flap extension is the most of any production aircraft and yet, even of this Sim is only half … 30° when it’s actually 60° On even the newest kid on the block … Airbus … the flap movements are all synchronized and retraction is definitely more smoother on pulling the nose up or down. From a programming standpoint one would have to have a specialist in each aircraft to know ALL the details, however the details are out there! 😎