flap color on the 777

Scince all new 777 have the black slat
slat is kinda the flap on the front


I’m a little confused…


Same here…the flap on the front? What us that flap?


Ohh, that. But still, I’m not sure what you’re requesting.

Are you requesting all 777s to have black slats? Well if the all the 777s already have black slats (as you can see in the pictures), then what was the point of this request?

I think he mean this

If it is, it is a duplicate topic

He is only requesting that all planes (maybe all planes) should have black slats.

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No no… I think he is saying they have metallic slats???

Only 1 pic per #features topic. Please make sure to read the guidelines :)

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Whyyyyy Itsssss not

The black part in front of the wing

Well the slat…