Flap bug

Even though I retracted the flaps fully it stays at flap 1 position.
As far as I know, this also happens on the B787 as well.
Is there any way to fix this?
Thank you in advance.
(This pic is MD11F)


What plane is in the picture?

It’s the MD11F

I don’t recall anyone reporting it before. I know the movement from 1 to 0 is slow. Will make a note of it for now.

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Roger dat.
It stays there for the entire flight. But it always fully retracts when on ground.
Maybe wing flex has something to do with this;)
I tried getting flaps to full then fully reracting it but nothing works.

That looks like just the wingflex making the flap shift a little bit, not staying at flaps 1.


The flap looks pretty neutral to me. The alerion is about a degree or two down.


I thinks your alone but i will try

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This is how it should look like in cruise.
The flaps are fully retracted unlike mine.

I was able to replicate it. I do think it is related to the wing flex but will bring it up and see. At first I thought it was related to trim but it only changed a little.

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Hope you guys will be able to figure out the cause!!