Flap 35 in a Dash 8?

When would flap 35 be used on a Dash 8?


Flaps 35 are for steep approaches.

Only on steep approaches, like at EGLC.

i think standard is 15 on landing anyone thats uses it a lot correct me if im wrong

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It said to be used for a steep approach but then the aircraft isn’t equipped for steep approaches so it’s confusing.

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I’m not really sure what a steep approach is noob question 😳


EGLC is a steep approach. It has a 5.5 degree glide slope.

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Okay, thanks. However in the cockpit it says that it is not equipped for steep approaches?

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It’s confusing. I use flaps 15 for landing

I was thinking that same question. Confusing.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. 🙂

Flaps 35 can be used any time you want to use them. Your Vref speed is just slower.

Also flaps 35 you actually have to flare because your pitch attitude is only about 1.5-2 degrees nose up. If you don’t flare you will land flat.

Flaps 15 you really shouldn’t flare. Your pitch attitude will be around 4-5 degrees nose up. The Q400 will tailstrike the runway around 8-9 degrees nose up. So with flaps 15 you should land with power and not go to idle until right before touchdown and hold the 4-5 degree pitch attitude.

When I flew the plane I always landed flaps 35 unless my performance told me to land flaps 15.

I have not flown the Q400 in the sim yet, but in the real world a good rule of thumb for your power settings on approach are…

Flaps 15 - roughly 13% torque
Flaps 35 - roughly 23% torque

Takeoff you can use either 5/10/15 degrees depending on the outside conditions. Actually a neat thing about the Q400. A flaps 5 takeoff or a flaps 35 landing the aircraft is actually approved to takeoff/land with a 20 knot tail wind.


Im gonna go ahead and suggest that you did not fly the Dash 8 in the real world. No flare at all as you suggest would result in making contact with the runway at somewhere between 500 and 700 fpm. Just because you are already pitched up does not mean your rate of descent is suitable for landing gear touching down…?

Flying at Va exactly with flaps 15 is about a 1 degree pitch up. The 400 I believe can go to 6.5 degrees pitch up according to its limits (won’t tail strike until higher though) and most company operating manuals allow for up to 5 degree pitch up in the flare phase…

Okay, thanks for all the help everyone!

Your wrong. I have 3000 PIC in the Q400.

What you do in that situation when you are flaps 15 already at a 4-5 degree pitch attitude. You hold the pitch and you add power to arrest the sink rate.

Then if thats the case, please inform us of which airline you flew for so I can stay well away! I have never in my life seen a Q400 on the whole approach at 5 degree pitch altitude! Increasing the power at flare point instead of any form of flare is madness, and will simply lead to either porpoising, delayed touchdown way past the markers, and eventually a go-around.

Quote direct from operating handbook re landings:

“Closing the throttles whilst flaring on the Q400 can cause a violent touchdown. Constant power will be needed throughout the flare until main wheels touch down, at which point FLIGHT IDLE should be used. Check PROPELLER GROUND RANGE advisories illuminate.”

in the real world flaps 15 and ref + 5 you will be at about a 4 degrees pitch attitude. So no you don’t really flare flaps 15 you fly it with power all the way to the runway and hold the pitch attitude at 4-5. They don’t recommend much of a flare with 15 because you can easily tailstrike. So you arrest your sink rate yes you have to a a bit of power.

Good Idea!

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