I’ve been flagged 3 times for one post which makes no sense I admit that I swore lol which was accidental so I did delete the post. Will this mean I’ll loose my account or something ?

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A certain amount of flags will prevent you from moving up trust levels and could get you suspended if it keeps happening.

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Check out this topic for some more information.

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Okay but I know I swore but it was a accident and I deleted the comment. I’m sorry if I did cause offence. And okay

Don’t worry. We all make mistakes. Even if it was just one flag. I’ve been flagged (I think) 4 or 5 times and I was still able to achieve Regular (TL3). One flag won’t hurt your record badly. No need to worry :)

Also just as an FYI, the system picks up almost all words under the sun, and instantly flags a post, sending it off to the modsperators to deal with. My suggestion is keep your cool and exit the IFC if you start getting frustrated with answers.

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Any swear or inappropriate words is flagged automatically by the system. Philippe has recently introduced a newer and a welcoming system to the community forum.

We decided to enable a stricter filter on “bad words” where the system will automatically flag any public or private message containing such words and send it to our moderator queue.

We all make mistakes. That’s fine. The issue is that people are viewing flags as a form of punishment. It is not that. They are to learn from your mistakes.


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