You may notice a slight delay for the resolution of flagged posts. A recent update made does not show the custom message many of you write when flagging posts. If the reason cannot easily be identified, we may PM you to ask what you wrote.

Thank you for your efforts in helping to keep the forum clean and civilized.


Very civilized topic on the new flag posts. Well put :)


Thanks for the info chris :)

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Well of course it’s civilised! He is a moderator, that’s part of his job as one lol.


Very good idea…! =D

Excellent Idea …:-)

isi this had something to do to one of my reply in other post that has been flagged as off topic, while I was ON topic? Really didn’t know what to do and in the middle of my confusion I just deleted my reply before I realized it.

No. It did not. We’re just not getting the messages that people add to custom flags.

oh ok sorry for my missunderstanding :)

Nor is the pm that’s generated showing up in the sent box.

I literally just sent in a flag as “something else” and elaborated and the pm that’s generated is not showing up at all in my sent box

We know :) Discourse have reproduced it on their side so it will hopefully be fixed soon.

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Just assume it reads:

This is thread number 459,458,327,329 asking for the same CRJ livery.


This just got fixed by Discourse.
We’re all good now.