Why is their an increase in flagging the past few days? Can we not joke around and waver a little off topic? It completely cuts out the thread. So it’s just a jumbled mess.


Nothing wrong with having some fun. No one is wanting to stop that.

With wandering off topic, there is a point at which it gets a little too much. You may have seen me mention this a few times recently. I’ve been trying to do this instead of just closing topics as it is more fair etc.

But when people start talking about whisky on a callsign thread (just a recent example), it is fair enough that those comments are flagged for being off topic.


Ok but when I ask on a thread 2 months ago if someone stole David’s picture and we have a short conversation about it and then they all get flagged yesterday what’s that about? And if people are having fun and interacting with one another and not fighting why stop it?

I’ve flagged once because I felt someone had been a bit OTT in a personal attack on a thread, but then I hadn’t seen both sides of the issue and ended up feeling that my own reaction was a bit much! I don’t think I’d be likely to use it again unless someone was being really quite blatantly offensive (personal attacks, links to offensive websites as a loose example).

Some seem keen to use it as a stick to use if you’ve said something that they don’t entirely agree with or if they feel it in some way strays slightly off topic. But threads like conversations can be fluid and I don’t have a huge problem with someone if they go off on a tangent. Like @stephenswann said in another thread, if the conversation becomes too stale and rigid then it becomes unpalatable and will ultimately stifle any further debate or discussion.


The system just automatically hid 3 of my posts due to excessive flags
It was classifies as offtopic, spam, inappropriate in the Lounge -_-
I think someone is doing it in purpose.

In which case you need to apply some consistency. I was replying to a post made by Max in which he mentioned it first, that post was not flagged. It was two posts out of about 100 on that thread. Hardly a massive deviation from the topic?


Don’t forget that if you flag someone and then realise that it may be a little unnecessary, we will most probably feel that it wasn’t needed to and disagree with the flag ((:

It is not up to the moderators to flag everything, that’s up to the community as a whole. We can’t keep an eye on every topic ((:

That’s what I’m saying. Someone or some people are flagging anything off topic on everything they read.

Its a group of people, cause my posts were automatically removed by the system not by the mods

Same with mine and it happened 2 months ago.

I understand that, apologies, I wasn’t having a go. You’re quite right, it is up to us as a community to help out and hopefully work through any issues if someone is getting trigger happy with the flags.


Sunday evening is had 30+ PMs saying that my posts were flagged, most of the posts were over a month old… ._.

You know … those famous features that people love to abuse without any sense …

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@MishaCamp no one is attacking you or any other mod. Will you get with Sean and aernot and look into this a little deeper?

Related to this I posted about issue on event that coming tomorrow Turbulance Tuesday. And I got reported and hidden.
I just try to notify that there was problem on ATC Playground and paste my and another users topic URL.
I’m sure that not just one people did it and I got really disappointed and feel disgusted unfortunately:(

Useless flagging. I still don’t get why we can’t have a joyful and an excitement filled A320 thread with pics. Many of my posts got flagged by a moderator.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Anyone can flag a post, not just the mods. It’s not necessarily going to be one of those guys that have flagged it. You are given the opportunity to edit it and it’ll become visible. However that doesn’t mean it won’t get flagged again.