Flagging Users for PM

I had a question I’ve been mulling over and was going to pitch for you.
When you Flag a certain users comment on a hread to privately talk to him, does that Flag add on to his actual flagged posts?
For example a user cannot become a regular if his flags are to high etc. does this count as a flag against him or is it simply a fast shortcut to a private message?
I’ve been wondering this because I’m worried about doing that and accidentally flagging them for reasons that should not be flagged

No that does not flag the user.

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No it doesn’t. As far as I know, it’s just a PM.


Also out of interest do you ever get a notification about being flagged?..

Alright I was using this and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t flagging lol if you get me

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If your post is hidden. Otherwise, no (unless someone actually manually PMs you).

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Yep. You can also click there profile photo then click message and it will start a message about the topic too.

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This is just an easy way to initiate a PM


Right I know about how to pm someone I just wasn’t sure if this was a shortcut or something larger