Flagging issue

I would say this because I got flagged recently.
Here’s my questions:
First of all: Why would you flag others?
Second: What are the reason you flag others?
And Third: Is the flagging appropriate? ( does it have to flag or can just close and unlisted )

I’ve been flagged because of duplicate topic


If you follow all the community guidelines I don’t think you’ll have the issue of getting flagged :)

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There’s something wrong with that user’s post i.e. offensive, off-topic

Because there’s something wrong with your post that needs attention

Absolutely. It keeps our community clean and civil.


Was your flag for moderation, inappropriate, spam or off-topic?

These are the different options why you could get flag…

@Patrick_U don’t worry I’m not flagging you ;)

Why I am always the Guinea pig? :( ;)


Why not be the guinea pig😉



Actually bruh just live with it

Some people don’t have humour and at times, common sense…

Flag me all you like, people! :)

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Any flag that you get a message about has been approved by a moderator, you won’t see a PM about a flag unless you have broken the rules, moderators don’t approve these “flags because people who don’t like my posts” which people seem to think they get all the time.


I hope you realize that just because you don’t care about flags you’re not untouchable.


I don’t flag other. Because I think it is stupid to flag somebody for some silly reason, instead of remaining human with common sense. (I.E flagging a thread that is over a year old for example, because some new rules applied)


So I could swear and curse at someone and I wouldn’t get a punishment? Is that what you are implying?

No, you would be flagged regardless for using offensive language. That’s included in the forum guidelines.

Nobody said I was untouchable.

I just said

Flag me all you like.

And nope, not staying away from bold text as this has to be emphasized.

Editing my posts doesn’t help your position either.


Why are you making such a situation over this? Members can flag whoever they wish if necessary.

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You’re the one who should just MYOB, thanks.

People are starting to flag unnecessarily. Ever since the “flag are meant for poles” post was done by David, nothing much changed for the better. People say oh off topic is now quite acceptable but still people (not just me) get flagged. And then we have people who have absolutely no sense of humour at all — I’ve noticed this negative part of this forum since people flagged Hairline’s joke about the Iraqi Army Cessna 208.


Well, I wouldn’t reccomend posting on a public forum if you’re not open to responses.

There’s no need to be so touchy about this…

Keep doing as you do if you don’t want to take flags to heart, that’s fine. Just make sure you follow the guidelines and be respectful in order to avoid flags.

You guys are such assuming creatures.

I never said I was untouchable because I said something like “Flag me all you like, people”.

I never said I would disregard the community regulations because I said something like “Flag me all you like, people”.

Flag me all you like.