Flagging explanation

it would be really awesome if when someone flagged youre post they had to write a quick description of why they flagged because the categorys are very broad and it would be cool to have them tell you why they flagged it because this would help you improve from youre mistakes.

  • Great idea this would benefit me and the ifc
  • this is not needed at all

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hope you agree with me (if you don’t that’s fine also)


Hope this gets implemented! tell youre opinion below!

I think this is unnecessary, as you can already write a specific reason for a flag when sending to a mod, it is below the others. Looek at this image:


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This is already a feature of the IFC. As far as I am aware.

no I mean it goes directly to the person that youre flagging.

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There is also an option to speak directly to the OP about their post if you flag it…

Already exists…

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how about its required

key word right here.

Well usually you wouldn’t want to create a post that definitely will be flagged, and also, a mod will know what the problem is almost right away, if there is one.

I think what we currently have is enough, and as far as I am aware, as the forum is managed by Discourse, they cant change it

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well they have done some edits to different things in it so I think it can be changed

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I actually think it’s a good idea because I’ve been flagged for a reason not known to me, so if this happens, it gives the person flagged the opportunity to change for the future

I think that answers you…

Flag cause is conveyed to the flagged user when there’s a need for it. The preset reasons covers most of it.