Flagged comments and posts

Does anyone know how to find what posts have been flagged so I can look back and get better

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im pretty sure you can click on the flagged bit and edit it

You should get an automatic message from @system

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No I am taking about way back I haven’t gotten any flags recently

Yes if you haven’t removed yourself from the pm them you should be able to access. Maybe a moderator could help

Hi Ethan,

Giving a full comprehensive list of flags would be quite time consuming for you to read through. Also, not all flags will send you a pm; it will only do that if the post was hidden or deleted.

A lot of flags that could appear on one’s profile may not even be bad either, as some could just be for closure of topics.

My recommendation is to brush up on forum guidelines, and you should be fine. As long as you are following those, everything will be all good.