Flag, don't tag!

I have seen many users taging the moderators telling them to close a topic, here is no need for you to tag a moderator, flag it yourself cause it will not go on record, when something gets flagged the moderators get a red notification, they can unflag it, close the topic or delete the user. Many regulars are taging too! here is an example This is a duplicate topic, @Henrik @MishaCamp please close this there is no need as I said there is no need to tag the moderators get a notification. it only take to seconds to flag, you click the little “flag” thing and you have options, send this user a PM, flag as innopropraite, flag as spam and send moderators a PM. Thanks! remember
##flag, don’t tag!


I will also take this time to remind people that @moderators doesn’t work and notifies nobody.


It does if your @MishaCamp 😂


Yes but for normal users it wont work.


Hey! You’re stealing my motto! Lol.

So should I flag or not? Lol.

#Flag, Not Tag


I fixed it, and no budy shoukd tag David, he is the tecnical support guy, not a moderator. So unless its something with #support #support:espanol or #support:francais don’t tag him.


Finally people are listening! When I made a topic like this, nobody cared.

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