FL300 etc

I’m wondering, how do people know what FL is which like FL300, I was in training server and to be honest, I don’t k ow nothing about FL’s

Flight levels are basically your altitude, minus two zeroes.
Examples: FL350 is 35,000 feet, FL120 is 12,000 feet, FL 30 is 3000 feet, etc.

Check this out:


Add two zeroes, you get the altitude. Simple.

FL 300 is 30,000
FL 150 is 15,000 and so on

There is no FL5…It starts in 1000s ;)

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Flight levels begin after transition altitude (standard pressure).
29.92 inches or 1,013 millibars.
The transition level can be seen on SID/STAR plates and whether to use inches or millibars.
In the US for example the transition altitude is 18,000ft, thus you would not append ‘flight level’ below that altitude in the US. If you were cleared above that it would be a flight level and below it would not be a flight level. This is because the pressure varies constantly, so if two planes were using different pressure settings, 5000ft would not be the same on both, thus not the same ‘flight level’

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FL5 does exist, but it’s not used. It would be 500ft

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it doesn’t exist as no transition altitude is at or below 500ft, so it would only be used in QFE ops which isn’t very common.

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So it does exist theoretically

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Yeh pretty much.

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And dont let any of that rubbish scare you, @Dom_Strange, you will learn it with a bit of time and practice.

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