FKMX's ATC TS1 Tracking Thread (Closed @EHAM)

Hello I open the Atc (TFFR) tower and floor for two hours, and I accept model work. Ps: I hope I have permission to do that and thank you for your impressions.


A.) You are open at TFFR - Not TFRR

B.) Switch this topic over to #atc

C.) Read This

D.) Format your thread title as such:

[OPEN] FKMX’s ATC Tracking Thread || TFFR

I’ll be heading on down to fly under your control and give you feedback. BCHASER - C208


Good standard pattern work controlling, I didn’t see any issues while I was spotting. Good luck, and maybe take a look at the ATCEG group, I’ll link it.

Good evening all tonight I will check for one hour, the airport of my region: (LFPG). So for those interested, I’m waiting for you.

Make sure to change it on the title of your thread as well
Open at LFPG


Hi there my callsign was “CIROC”

Had a really good session. Pattern entries and clearances were all good and accurate. Transition was little bit high: 2500ft and above would’ve been better but still fine. Couldn’t see your sequence skills very good (on my side) yet I saw you trying to sequence that a380. Ground commands were all fast and accurate.

Really hot controlling, good job there
If any problem or concern my pm always open.
Keep it up,


ATC LFPG is now closed, thank you to everyone who has coming

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Thank you for your comment, I tried to better give the right sequences to each, but as you have noted, some did not follow my instructions. So I improvised according to the position of each.

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Good evening to all the tower and floor soil (KBOS) will be open in 15 minutes for two hours, so for those interested, you are welcome.

Great controlling! I thoroughly enjoyed the runway change rollercoaster 😂, a very quick way to get your landing count up!

Just 2 very minor things:

  1. I think on my final pattern you forgot to give me a pattern entry when changed to RWY22L, no biggie as you’ve demonstrated that you can do this on my previous patterns.

  2. When exiting, you told me to turn left and cross 22R whereas it should’ve been turn right, again no biggie either.

Are you thinking of joining IFATC?

Thank you for your comments. Sorry, for the first remark because as you said it rather, I told myself that you knew what you had to do and also, it is to avoid giving you the same institutions with each change of runway because, c is tiring for you and for me. And for the second point, I apologize for this because on the neck I confused with your position, the right and the left but the next time I do not do it again. And finally yes I intend to integrate the IFATC but, for the moment not because my English is bad for past the theoretical test.

That’s alright. Good luck on your tests and hope to see you with the team soon 😀

Hello everyone today, the tower and the ground will be open in the EGCC airport on 15 minutes for 2 hours so for those who are interested, you are welcome.
-The touch and go are allowed.

  • For those who will not follow the instructions after 3 instructions, they will be ignored.

The EGCC airport is now open.

I’ll be there in 6-7min hopefully. Will stay as long as I can lunch break

Nice job! Did a lot of things really well.

-You handled my runway change request perfectly.
-You sequenced me well, and thank you for letting me stay inside of channex

Really only one thing stood out,
-Once a plane is in an established pattern, you don’t need to instruct them to “enter left/right downwind” each time they go around. Just sequence if necessary and then clear them for the option.

Thank you thank you for your comment. How you found me, the Channnex was only changed track without my agreement good I improvised.

Channex 100% would’ve been ghosted on expert. But that’s what you get on ts1 - you did improvise well!

Good evening, tonight I open the airport of (WSSS) the tower and the ground are open.
Note: Touch and go are allowed, all those who do not follow the instructions after 3 reminders will be ignored.
I wish you a pleasant session.

Well done controlling, I know I was only there for one minute but had a bit of a WIFI issue.

Just 2 little things:

  1. You do not need to send a pattern instruction when you already told me to do right traffic.

  2. When you cleared me for the option you don’t need to send “make right traffic”, you already told me that when I took off.

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Hello everyone, today I open KMIA’s tower and floor. Departures are from runway 08R, 12, 09 and landings are from 08L and 09.
Rzmarque: Touch and go are allowed
If after you do not follow the instructions after three reminders, you will be ignored.
Good session all.