I have a question… I like to keep it as real as possible and in such I like to use real life flight paining and fix and VORs. But not all are there or if they are it would be no ware close. I know there is a lot of them to put in and some may get over looked. But for example using the (HLYWD.HLYWD1) HLYWD ONE ARRIVAL into KLAX almost every fix/VOR is missing. It is also the same with departures as well. Is this something that is being worked on or addressed? Also would be nice to save some of that flight plans that way we could use them another time so that we don’t have to put them in time after time… thx and have a good day.
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Henrik’s explanation below is really accurate:

Feel free to help us by joining the team by emailing us at or by using the joining form on our website.

We (the navigation editing team) are adding as many fixes as we can. When we add fixes, we use their real name and location. Unfortunately, there are so many fixes that we can simply not add them all.


So this is my approach. When i make a flight plan, I copy it into my notes on my device, with labels, fuels, ect. It is frustrating to have fixes in the wrong place, or missing, but so having a saved bank of flight plans that are proven to work makes it far easier. Hope that helps!

Hey there! Check out this topic.

If you would like a waypoint added, just follow the steps they provided.

Also, someone has already added all fixes for KLAX but you will just have to wait for them to be updated in Infinite Flight. It would be great to have another addition to the editing team so take a look above to check it out! :)

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also the lat and long are off for example the fix BRAKK in real life via sky vector is N 38’58.08’ W 091’09.75’ and when I go to punch it in it is N 38.9681 W -91.1624. Some of the fix are right but should be in Arizona but the fix in the game puts it is Austria. So its like the hemisphere are backwards.

also thx for the help and I will be sending some fix vor and dme your way soon.