Fixing the global servers issues when the flight starts

Hi guys, I used the Wi-Fi Connection, but it seems there is a small red icon appears unexpectedly which means that I was preparing the flight. Which is the good way to fix the issue?


This can be caused by a number of things. But to start with, how much storage do you have available on your device?


May I ask if you had strong WI-FI on? And, we’re any apps in the backround running?

I’m currently using the iOS device has a maximum free space of 64GB with an iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 14.8 newer, the currently has 42GB originally, and now it will nearly 38GB on my device.

There is no background apps were running here and it seems running normally, I’m currently using the Wi-Fi 6.

Not quite relevant.

A simple app restart would be a great start. But it could also resolve by itself as soon as you get moving.

The error could in worst case, generate issues with scenery not loading properly.


Ok. I closed the app first before restart, then i will start the flight again soon. Thank you for your help!

I checked there is a background app was running here, i currently using the Record it Pro while the background app is running during the flight.

Also me too, I got my iPad 8th on IF that moment when my game for Delta B772LR was flying from KBOS/BOS to PHNL/HNL took 9h 1m and inside connected wifi global servers have a problem last hours ago.

Hey, Is that the background apps were running, or is that connected with Wi-Fi or using the cellular network?

Hi, IF inside setting then online is automatically only used Cellular Data to expect Network, too.

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