fixes/waypoints and NDBs

Hello :)
So when I did a flight today it seemed like they redid the waypoints today where they look a little bigger and bolder. And I noticed that the have inserted NDBs and VOTs. Has anyone else notice this. When did this happen?


I don’t think there are NDB’s in the sim at the moment and for VOR’s from what I’ve seen they’ve been there for a long time.
Not too sure about the waypoints, never really noticed them too much about their sizes.

NDBs were actually added very recently ;)


What is an NDB?

Non directional beacon. Some navigation tool. dont worry I had to look it up myself and when I talked to my instructor today he said those are rarely used now a days

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It’s simply points to direction of the station…vor can give course divition. Very old tech, very limited on distance and obstacles…

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In the latest hotfix, 19.1.06, the waypoints got changed around a little bit, and these new NDBs got added.


VOTs? You mean VORs? VOTs is ground facility which emits a test signal to check VOR receiver accuracy. Some VOTs are available to the user while airborne, while others are limited to ground use only.

I do know what a VOT is and I am pretty sure I saw one near KATL last night

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I know but are you talking bout VORs?

No I am talking about VOTs

Hm I haven’t seen any VOTs in IF… can you share a picture of one

I looked around for a VOT in-game but no luck so far.

I’ve seen NDBs and VORs but not VOTs

Hey Tyler,

There was a hotfix yesterday which added support for the new Apple products as well as the Devs sneakily adding NDB’s (Non-Directional Beacons). So yes you are correct that they have been added.

With your other point of the waypoints/fixes being more bolder it appears that they have. Which is great!

Hope this helps :)

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They did miss some but hey, that’s above my level

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