[Fixed via VPN] Failure to connect to IFC

It’s confirmed that due to political issues, foreign websites are temporarily slowed down in China. I have fixed the problem via VPN. Thanks for everyone’s help:)

Since yesterday, I have problem connecting to the community website. I’ve tried a lot of other websites, like fpltoif, simbrief, to test if it’s my ISP’s problem. I’m currently living in Shanghai, China, and some people here may know how my government blocks websites. But they can’t block IFC because there’re no political issues of China on this forum. I don’t know what kind of problem it is, so I think I’d better ask about this on the forum. Another interesting thing is I am now connecting via my 4G network, instead of Wi-Fi, because 4G uses CN2 to connect with foreign websites, and it’s a lot faster. That’s the only way I can think of now to connect.


This should be in #meta. #support is for Infinite Flight

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https://viewdns.info/chinesefirewall/?domain=infiniteflight.com Doesn’t seem to be blocked by firewall

That’s true. And I am living in Shanghai with 500Mbps Internet connection via Wi-Fi, so now the only reason I can think of is the forum itself.

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Hello, I have the same issue but it’s the other way.
It’s difficult to connect with 4G and a lot faster with wifi.

I’m unsure of what causes this, better ask one of the mods…

Enjoy your day.

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How does one post a topic on a website one can’t access?

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He can only access via 4G @Tim_B

Doesn’t seem to be blocked:


I dunno. Is there a single list or can individual ISPs also make additional restrictions?

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Please read the topic carefully, thanks.

I’m in Shanghai, and Shanghai is much more open to foreign websites, in my opinion. I’ve called my ISP but I think it won’t work.

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