(Fixed) Pushback and Brake Problem

Hi, I cannot pushback and turn the brakes off or on.

So when i want to pushback it says stop pushback but its not pushing back. same with the brakes you want to release them but they wont, have any of you guys had problems with this?

Have you tried restarting your phone? It may also be helpful to include your software, device and version.

Check your controls tab in settings and make sure your controls aren’t connected to any joysticks or keyboards. If they are, it will not give you the option to pushback. As for the brakes, since they’re showing up, you might just have to restart the simulator. Keep us posted.

What Device, OS, IF Build/Update, Latest Device update?

Try to redownload the app or restart your device :)

iPad Air, ios10

latest infinite update

Happens sometimes to me too. Press the stop pushback and you’ll start pushback for some reason. Everything works fine afterwards.

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didnt work its like spazzing and its dosen’t turn on or off untill 2-4minutes after :( infinite flight is broken… @Mubashir

This has happened to me several times as well.
iPad Air 2
iOS 10
Hotfix update

iPad Air
IOS 10
Hotfix Update

same i dont know why

The common thing I’m seeing here is that it’s mostly happening to devices with iOS 10. Maybe FDS should have a look at it.

But it has happened before I updated it.

Normally, when that happens to me I stop it, it might be a bit glitchy or the words may not be synced with the movement, but once it stops, try again.

Try reinstalling Infinite Flight

Meybe your fingers are wet or something. Or it could just be that your device needs rebooting

no they are not wet???
and i have rebooted it 3 times i have reinstalled and installed infinite flight aswell ??

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