Fixed Points

Is there an easier way to locate fixed points when trying to map out a flight plan? The only way I know of is to zoom in pretty far until they show up but the distance covered is so small that when mapping a longer flight it’s an absolute miserable experience to try and map out a proper flight plan and line myself up to a runway. No only that but to also ensure there are points fixed in the place your zooming in and panning around desperately trying to find.

You can search them up with the search bar. I also find useful for that kind of stuff. You can also use for generating flight plans.


As Diamond said above if you use that website it will put coordinates for the fix if it is not in game. I use Simabrief to IF a lot and I love it.

Search what? There’s 1000’s of them and I don’t know their names until I locate them. And use one of those sites to map out a flight plan and then what? Load it onto my iPhone?

Well you would search it up if you are using SID STAR. If you do not want that the. I would use SimBrief. I use it and it’s awesome. And yes you copy and paste the flight plan into the search bar in If

Well, if you don’t know the names, then searching isn’t that helpful. However, using the 2nd site I mentioned will generate a flight plan based off of realistic SIDs, STARs and Airways that you can copy and paste into IF.


I guess I could use the sites to get the names of the fixed points and then search for each individually if that’s what you mean.

The websites generate a whole route not individual fixes/VOR as far as I know

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When you paste more than one waypoint into the search bar, it automatically turns it into a flight plan like so:


Oh, well how does IF know about the route that it generates without you loading it into IF?

Oh I see. That can work then. Thanks for all the advice fellas.


You’re welcome! Have a nice day!

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This series of tutorials is your friend, it’s a 4 parter and I highly recommend it if you are starting from scratch.

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