Fixed Free Cam

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I have been doing some thinking about IF, and especially the free cam. While doing some flying recently, an idea struck me. That idea was having a free camera that would, in short, keep up with the aircraft as it moves. I call it:

The fixed free cam

Confused? Think about it like this. It would be a mix of free camera, and the follow camera, both of which are already in IF. You could control the camera to have unique viewpoints in the cockpit, or on the wing, or maybe in the passenger cabin (for certain aircraft).
Having a fixed free camera would allow you to customize your viewpoint while you are at cruising altitude, or taxiing etc., without having to constantly be moving forward with the aircraft. The fixed free would reset to above the aircraft once the user switches the camera view and then comes back to it.


I’m surprised there still hasn’t been a topic about this, you definitely have my vote.

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So more or less freecam that’s position is in relation to the aircraft, not terrain?

Basically yes.

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I want this btw sorry for bumping an old topic but that is the top of my list on infinite flight updates!

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This could be an alternative to 777 cabin views.

Closed per OP request.