Fixed free cam view

In my opinion, I think the current camera veiws on all aircraft are too limited. I think it would be an excellent idea to add a second free camera that moves with the airplane so that you can position the camera at any position on the aircraft, not just the premade camera locations like left and right wing. Like when you pause the playback on the replay mode, you can adjust the free cam to any position by the aircraft without it flying away. I think if the exterior camera and free camera could be combined to create a camera that moves along with the plane but allows you to come from and angle it would be amazing and add extra realisim to IF.

This is an example of how the free cam can be moved to be at any point on the aircraft in the replay mode. ![image|830x383]
This is is another one. I think that the wings of all aircraft are more stunning when you are sitting right on them.

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Thanks @Tsumia! I looked but couldn’t find one along those lines. I’ll withdraw this one

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