Fixed Camera Sneak Peak

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I watched the new reveal for the fixed camera, but it left me curious, what is actually changing from the current one, as most of the shots in there were already possible. Love to hear thoughts.

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The old camera used to be fixed (did not move with the plane), the new camera will move with the plane.

For more information, please visit the 20.2 Development Thread.


There was the normal cam, and the locked cam already.

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The free cam is able to be moved to wherever you want, however. You could position it in the cabin, above the plane, etc.


make sure to listen to @thunderbolt he’s pretty smart.

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The locked cams always pointed at the centre of the aircraft, this new camera you have full movement and can move it to point in any which way you want just like the free cam. The shots you were shown you could get using the current free cam in replay because the flight replay can be paused. now you can enjoy the free cam used for shots in replay, live!! while flying originally. Also the current free cam can be moved but only a certain distance from where you were when the camera option was picked and also wasnt fast enough to follow aircraft at cruise. but the new free cam stays with the aircraft even after you finish positioning it.

Hope this helps, any other questions then please ask away.




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