Fix the cockpit camera angle on the 787-9

Hello! Was wondering if the camera angle on the 787-9 can be fixed to be the same angle as the -8 and -10?

Right now the angle is looking down and it is not helpful to use for a flight :/

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Can you tilt it up or do you have it zoomed in really far?

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In the B787 cockpit the camera is looking down a little bit at the controls rather than out the front window so it’s kinda weird to land it in the cockpit view or at least that’s what I think they mean


I was just doing the same thread 😂

My best guess would be to tilt it up a bit but I’m not totally sure if that would work

Without live cockpit on the 787, the current camera angle on the 789 is useless and not beneficial when having HUD on

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Hello there, Thanks for the report. This issue is already known to the Staff.

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I can adjust it but a simple touch just toggles it back to the default

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Ok. So here is a temporary fix: go to free cam.
Select interior drone 1 or 2 and get the camera in the position you want. That could work as a temporary fix

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