Fix the A320 family sharklets

Credit: @Isaque_Santos

Basically i just want it tilted a few degrees, I can never fly this plane because of this detail. it sticks out and honestly when i see it i just end my flight.

This is needed, I noticed this problem more than never while using easyJet A320…

Surprising that nobody posted it on A320 Family Rework as well !


I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m pretty sure this got fixed. It feels like it looks better than it was before.

Edit: Nevermind I just checked and it does look the same as before. Hopefully this gets fixed soon and doesn’t fall into the void of being a known issue that never gets fixed.


Never noticed this till now, but I did sense that some thing is wrong the the winglets…


I could always tell that there was something off about the sharklets. I’m glad this is finally getting some attention.


Actually judging by the second picture the only reason it looks off is because you flared more then the 1st picture with the real A320 sharklets

IF needs this so much.

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It’s not. There are quite a few modelling inconsistencies in IF, and it’s to be expected.

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There is a 6 degree difference in the angle of the sharklet, as shown here:

Yes it is an issue and hopefully it will get fixed because now we know that they are different.


(Don’t mind the location, it was just in order to do pics)

It really needs to be fixed ^^


I know there are quite a few photos already. But just in case anyone thinks that the angles are at play, here’s an overlay for you. Not perfect, but the difference is striking.



Oh yes indeed, there is really a difference.
I always thought there was something wrong with the sharklets on the A320 family.

When I made this moke up for the Air France Airbus A320-214 thread (New Livery 2021), I remember being on Photoshop and asking why these sharklets looked so weird.


Hey this is all very interesting but I’d be curious to look at it from the devs perspective as to the angle that’s set at in there design program. I’m also wondering if each airline changes that angle for optimal fuel in there climate. Hence your noticing that slight difference. As for details it’s something you can control by adjusting your graphics. Your picture looks like it’s using a lower graphic setting to me.

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Thank you for doing it !
It looks so good IRL ❤️‍🔥

This bird deserves to be corrected

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Definitely needed! voted!


I think it is a minor issue and hence IF didn’t correct it even during the EasyJet livery WIP. There are several minor issues like these but IF never really wanted to waste time on these small things.

For example, B777s have a bulge in the inner edge of Flaps section (you can see them in a window view) and structure breaking issues too.

Not trying to be rude or something but I don’t think 6 degrees makes too much difference and I won’t be voting for this.


These sharklets need to be fixed for more realism 👍🏻


Now people will start with

“This is a small detail” blah blah blah, I think they should do this little corrections, believe it or not many people will be grateful, and it’s not being selfish, it’s constructive criticism.

Simulators fight for realism, and IF is totally capable of making this small corrections without any trouble. They will save a lot of time and complaints from some users if this is being done. ✅


Same here… Voted!!!


So that’s what felt off with the 320…