Fix the A220 nosecone swirl

G’day IFC, today I request something about the newly released A220 which is about the cone pattern while the engine the spinning. It seems to me that it has the 777 Pattern on the cone and not the A220 version. Here is an example of how it should look like:

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Hopefully we get to see this soon as it increases the realism in the flight sim and gives a better look to the engines while spinning in the air.

If you support the idea, consider voting please!

Do you have a video on how it looks in IF now?

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Idle engines demonstrate the standard Pratt and Whitney apostrophe dash. When the engines are running they are spiral or g swirl whatever they’re called now. I don’t really think it is that big of an issue for me. But hey if it bothers you, go ahead and vote for it. Excuse my cache. @Ritesh321


Oh ok just wanted to know what it looks like
P.s you have no ground ;)


yea, excuse my cache 😂


Surprised that this has been created only now


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You are correct, It’s not an huge issue, but I believe it’s something that they can fix though for the A220.

On the A220, the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G are using “Apostrophe” spiral design while when engine are on, they did use the animation of B777’s “G-Swirl” spiral design . I’m not sure why? but there is a possible explaination. Maybe because to save time to create a new animation on “Apostrophe” spiral since PW1000G is a new engine design in IF.

But it isn’t really a big issue. This can be fixed.


Tbh this can be closed, Spoke with a Mod and he said it was meant to be so um ye ig.

Yes would make it more realistic

Can we flag it

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Sure ig unless other people still want to vote

But IRL it isn’t like that as shown in your video above as an example so I don’t think it’s wrong to have a feature request for it.

I’ve previously made a topic regarding spirals clarity. Although I’d really love to see each aircraft with their appropriate spirals (including when running), I don’t really think it’s worth voting for it. It seems to be a waste of a vote IMO. I personally think that this should be noted internally so that we have correct spirals even when engine is running. I’m sure there are more important things to be done of course but I’m assuming it’s not too difficult to do.

Yeah it is a small detail but I honestly love to look at the wing view and look at the spiral. It looks nice and I personally find it satisfying. It also adds realism as well.


You need more clarity in your feature request, a picture of the idle engine in game and a picture of the engine running in game. You’re allowed an extra pic for the purpose of context according to the rules. My votes are all gulped up by the current rework liveries and the 767. I’ll try and free one up when an F18 livery is confirmed and send it here.

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