Fix KLAS Las Vegas Airport

At KLAS McCarran airport (a already pretty neglected airport/region) there is a huge hill/mountain the airport is on and it can make approaches pretty difficult, I have been plane spotting there many times and I can tell you that it is not on a huge mountain lol, lets get the development team to fix this!

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Hello. I think this would probably be better in the support category. I suggest you move it there.

It’s an IF issue, every airport has some problems with this elevation, just not as exaggerated

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From what I understand, the elevation of the airport is correct, it’s the surrounding terrain that is too low.

That would make a bit more sense.

It just got 3D it’s certainly not neglected as much

I could of been more specific, I meant as in not many people pay attention to it and depart/arrive there.

Hi there,

This is because of the way Infinite Flight processes 2D airports. Their altitude is set to a flat ‘platform’ throughout the entire airport. Since the airport slopes down to the east, the east side of the airport creates a dip whilst the other side is perfectly fine.

East side

West side