Fix Iceland

I love flying as Icelandair and WOW Air but my only problem is that Iceland is completely flat. I’m not sure if it’s the same with Greenland because they’re too far north but the very mountainous country has no hills or mountains at all.

Especially with the new addition of PLAY airlines into the aviation industry, I think now would be a good time to fix these kinds of problems. Iceland has such a gorgeous landscape and it would be great to have the country shown in 3D.

Hiya, this is because of a restriction with the data that Infinite Flight uses. Take a quick read below to understand more.


As a member of IFAET, I am assuming the imagery for this region is insufficient to provide a nice landscape like KLAX area, EGLL, etc.

However, I suggest asking a supervisor because I am not 100% sure - haha.

(Ecoops answered it)

Topography is nothing to do with airport editing and is within the internal development of the data Infinite Flight sources from third party companies.

– A Supervisor


Yeah I was wrong, lol.

As a member of the IFC, I recommend checking before answering so we make sure the information given out is correct and not just an assumption ;)


Please read through the highlighted post which I have linked below for more information regarding this. Thanks