Fix for crashes

It’s bee. 2 days now since I’ve been able to use if probably on multiplayer, have the crashes been fixed yet? Because I didn’t pay £80 to fly on solo, I can do that on a game I don’t have to pay for

It’s been 2 days*

Hey there! Unfortunately not quite yet! The team is working countless hours to ship the hotfix that will fix this issue. It should come in the next few days.


Can I explain what’s happening to me? So I was at Tokyo for example and trying to fly the new 777 from Tokyo to jfk tonight for the fnf. I’d filed my flight plan and cruising attitude etc and received pushback clearance from ground. As soon as I responded and began pushback it crashed. Same happened at Heathrow yesterday

Yes it is most common at airports with high traffic. The servers are very busy at this time so it’s more of a common issue right now but rest assured, the team are working very very hard focusing on this and to ship a hotfix to the public. You can read up on this below.

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