Five Specials and a Debut | Munich, September 29, 2019


It’s that time of the year again - late September makes Munich the place to be for many people from around the world making prices for hotel rooms rise by 500% and more. No, I’m not talking about the Oktoberfest! On a day with amazing weather, another special was announced to depart Munich Airport - Obviously that’s the real reason why Munich was so popular this weekend. Haters gonna say people aren’t interested in planes

While I only planned a rather short visit to Munich Airport for one specific plane, the trip ended up featuring many specials and surprises, with the vast majority of these being of positive nature. For the special I wanted to catch, I positioned myself at a new location I haven’t tried before. One of the first “test shoots” was this Laudamotion Airbus A320 which makes for a great contrast with the blue sky.

Not yet a special but already an impressive bank in front of my lens: One of Emirates’ Boeing 777s.

Something I was rather surprised from was the departure of LOT’s E190 on the way back to Warsaw wearing a nice color splash.

Another special I was aware of earlier because I had an alert set for this plane was Qatar’s Boeing 777 A7-BAX wearing a special FIFA World Cup livery promoting the 2022 championship set to take place in world’s number 1 football nation Qatar. That wingflex though 😍

Slightly less wing flex for obvious reasons could be seen on the plane I wanted to spot for the very first time: Volga-Dnepr’s AN124. While I personally prefer the Antonov Design Bureau livery, the plane was impressive no matter the colors.

With interesting departures coming to an end I changed my postion to catch another special visible on flightradar24. Aeroflot’s Airbus A321 wearing a 95 years livery arrived from Moscow.

A few days ago it was uncertain if this sight would still be around today. With the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, it’s German subsidiary Condor struggled to survive on its own. Making profits and being granted a 380 million loan from the German government, the airline is still flying. In fact, this very plane brought me home from holidays in Crete a week ago, less than 24 hours after Thomas Cook had filed for bankruptcy.

Just like every year, Oktoberfest time is a busy time at Munich with a rather high share of business jets like this one operating at the airport.

We’re still missing the fifth special, don’t we? Another very surprising one was the arrival of one of Eurowings’ special A320s, this one promoting the famous Europa Park amusement park in western Germany.

Not a special paint but still rather rare, and in fact a first for me, is this small visitor from the Middle East. Every sunday, Iraqi Airways offers a connection between Baghdad and Munich via Erbil. This service only started this year.

While I was waiting for the Iraqi arrival, I noticed that another surprise was coming for us. To make sure I can catch it, I listened to the approach frequency and eventually changed runways again to catch its arrival at the northern runway. Thanks to a one hour delay and a lot of luck I also managed to catch this new visitor to Munich for the first time. Belavia started serving Munich from Minsk this summer with a mix of Embraers and Boeing 737s.

The reason for my little race to the other runway was a regular visitor to Munich. One of Lufthansa’s A340-600s. This time, it didn’t arrive from a long haul flight though. Instead, it arrived from the Dublin paint shop where it had left to only 12 days ago to receive the new Lufthansa livery. I actually managed to get a shot of it up to within an hour from shooting the pics since it was the first picture showing the plane in it’s new dress.

After the arrival of D-AIHF, I left the airport again but we all know I’ll likely return rather soon for a new topic. I hope you enjoyed this one!


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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes, Planes, Planes.


Stunning photos as always!

The wing flex on that 777 is beautiful, and I love the Condor 753!

Also, the Lufthansa A340 looks great :)

Keep em coming!


Beautiful! I get really excited when I see a category in #real-world-aviation:Spotting and posted by @Moritz. Thanks for these! 😊


You need to vary the TL;DR a bit

prepares for @MrMrMan entire topic quote

Wonderful pictures! Pictures 1-5 look similar to JFK‘s 31L Canarsie departures. Keep up the great work!


Here we go, ladies and gents…

Lauda’s livery is quite nice. Crisp shot!

Looking a little shiny there, Moritz… 🔨 Nice shot.

That’s a funky special livery… 🤔

Contrary to the last special, this one is pretty nice. The colors go well with the grey of Qatar.

Volga’s colors never get old. They have that nice retro feel to them.

My favorite livery out of your photos today. This is really nice from Aeroflot! Looks pretty elegant, honestly.

RIP Thomas Cook. Nice to know that Condor will still be flying around the skies. I’ve always liked their livery.

What a beautiful jet! Bombardier’s Global Express sure is a sight to see.

Was going to do my german sightseeing project for German class on the Europa Park but decided doing the attractions on/around Zugspitze. That livery reminds me of some of the Alaska special Disney liveries.

This livery is actually really pleasant. I’m not too much a fan of green, but it looks good nonetheless.

Belavia! They have a very nice livery. 😍

I actually quite like the new Lufthansa livery. Shame that there’s none of that yellow though… might I add that the A346 is one of the most underrated planes? I love them. (Also flew on 2 in 2017.)

Great job, Moritz. Your spotting topics are always top notch. :)

Happy @Dylan_M? 😜


That was incredibly unnecessary on so many levels… just… go outside and read a book.


I kid. Thanks for the… masterpiece?


This is a sponsor of a bar chocolate (chocolate wafer) brand. I always eat it during break times in school, and you can get them in any Polish shop. Nice catch!

One thing to note is that the engine noise and the whining of this beauty. I always want to spot this aircraft and I actually did in Shannon last October. (Made a video in Youtube). It’s quite unusual to see an Antonov land in Munich actually. Their main focus Airport is Leipzig. I recommend travelling there you can notice all sorts of these. (An-124, An-12B, Illyushin 76, 747F, and more).

As always, great pictures! I am quite surprised by how much special liveries arrived into Munich that day.

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Fantastic pictures as always, thanks for sharing!


Crystal clear. 5*
Really like that Belavia livery on the E175, never have seen it before.
Great shots.

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Well, I don’t think Dush is actually reading it anyway 😂


Why did you do this to us?! lol

@MrMrMan thanks, but you know why I won’t quote your quote here. If you need pics from or a fact check about Zugspitze let me know 😉

Awesome! Besides wondering how to spell and pronounce it I really was curious what it was there for, but I knew you would be able to tell.
I’m actually aware of the AN bass at EDDP but it’s still quite some distance to reach that airport. Might go to ETSI sometime soon for the Beluga, who knows

Thanks 😊 apparently my editing wasn’t that bad since I wasn’t very happy with the sharpness of a few shots 😬


Stunning pictures!

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No pictures of the right side of an airplane. 4/10


Oh, I got a few from the right side but they were rather regular compared to the planes seen here 🤷🏼‍♂️

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