Five Hours spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Hello Everyone!

Today, I went to go planespotting at KMHT for five hours straight!

I got up around 8:20am and arrived at the Airport at 8:48am EST at the Triangle Plaza off S. Willow Street. The Airport was using Runway 6 for Arrivals and Departures, and I was situated at the end of Runway 24, where it’s a perfect spot to see planes fly overhead and see planes landing that will sometimes end up using most of the Runway up to Taxiway J1 (Juliet One). I’m very lucky it was such a nice sunny day with some clouds, not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.

I brought my Nikon Coolpix B500 with me so I can take photos and videos. Most of the time, I was filming aircraft landing and taking off, while I take photos of the same aircraft when it’s in the air or is taxiing off the Runway to the Terminal/GA Ramp.

I spent almost all day at the Airport, but I had to leave because I had to go to work at 4:30pm. But I enjoyed the day, and it was my first time spotting at the airport for more than 2 hours.

well, now that you have read the paragraph above, here are all the photos from Today!

First Photo of the day, very nice weather we had, taken when I arrived

Closer shot of the Ammon Terminal and the Control Tower. I’ve noticed that they always seem to have a Piper airplane sitting on the ramp all the time.

Where I am spotting is at the beginning of Runway 24

First Airplane for today! A Southwest 737-800 Split Scimitar is on Final ILS RWY 6
N8675B Seen taxiing to the Terminal after landing. I love the new Heart Livery on this airplane :)
Second Aircraft of the day, a Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 on final
N70KC Taxiing to Signature Flight after landing
Fun Fact: I Toured this MU-2B-60 back in May of this year! Loved the Interior and the Glass Cockpit!

Piedmont Airlines (dba American Eagle) Embraer E145 Taking off from Runway 35 to Phily

Finally got a Chance to Catch this American Airlines A319 bound to Charlotte. They started this as a Seasonal Route back on November 7th. It will then revert back to CRJ900’s for the Spring/Summer time. This is the Only mainline aircraft American is using to Manchester as of now.

Right after Departing Runway 6. I hope to see it again before Spring hits

Londonderry PD Ford Explorer patrolling the airfield

Another shot of the Tower. It was an awesome view when I went to tour the inside

Pacific Southwest Airlines (dba American Eagle) CRJ200 on Final to Runway 6

N244PS Taxiing to the Gate after landing

Republic Airlines (dba American Eagle) Embraer E175 on Final

N134HQ Taxiing to the Gate after landing from Philadelphia

Southwest 737-800 Split Scimitar Departing Runway 6

After Departure, just look at that wingflex!
Thought I’d include this Dumpster Truck. It was Trash Pickup day today, and this is also the spot where I was at for the runway 6 Arrivals/Departures
First time Seeing a Grumman G-44 [N25DF]
Back Taxi Runway 6 for departure

Right after Depature

As the day passes, it’s now starting to become Noon time here in Manchester. I’ve been out here for roughly 2 hours. I Took a restroom break as the next aircraft departs around 11am-11:30am. I Also took the opportunity to sit down for a bit as I’ve been standing for a long time

Around 11am

PSA (dba American Eagle) CRJ200 has been cleared to Takeoff to Washington DC

Right after Departure, heading to DC

This Piper is always here, waiting for a day to spread it’s wings and fly around Manchester

Republic Airlines (dba American Eagle) Lining up for takeoff on Runway 6

Banking Right to go to Philadelphia

A Cessna 172 holding short. This plane took off later and apparently made a C402 to make a G/A. I then realized that the C402 was actually doing T&G at the airport at the time

Looks to be like a Cape Air Cessna C402

Now this is one awesome sight to see! Two airplanes (737-700 and CRJ900) on the ILS for Runway 6. Not too common here at KMHT to see this unless it’s rush hour

N596WN Operated by Southwest Airlines Seen Taxiing off to gate 12 after landing

SkyWest Airlines (dba Delta Connection) CRJ900 on Short Final for Runway 6 behind the Southwest 737 that just landed
N805SK Operated by SkyWest taxiing to the Terminal Ramp after landing from Detroit
Another PSA Airlines (dba American Eagle) CRJ200 landing on Runway 6
N220PS Is Taxiing to the Terminal with the Flaps still extended, later retracted after crossing the hold short line

Cape Air Cessna C402 [N258PB] doing T&G’s at the Airport

Same Cape Air C402 on Final for Runway 6

Southwest 737-700 on the ILS for Runway 6

Right After landing, turned off on Taxiway J1

Blurry closeup of the Nose and Winglet

I Love this photo! Reason why Runway 6-24 is an awesome place to spot, some Close up action!

Piedmont Airlines (dba American Eagle) on the ILS for RWY 6

N637AE Owned and operated by Piedmont Taxiing off the Runway to the Terminal

PSA Airlines (dba American Eagle) CRJ200 taxiing for takeoff

Right after the plane departed.

Southwest 737-700 holding short

The wingflex is strong on this 737

At this point it is now Noon time (12:00pm). A GoJet CRJ900 has been cleared to Detroit

Noontime Spotting

GoJet CRJ00 (dba Delta Connection) Holding short while a Southwest 737-700 is landing

Taxiing to the Gate After landing [N237WN]

Cleared for Takeoff! (Very Hazy)

Nice Wingflex after takeoff. On it’s way to DTW

A Southwest 737-700 After departing Runway 6
N40KC A Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 seen Taking off from Runway 35
Fun Fact: This MU-2B has a Non-Glass Cockpit. Toured the plane back in May, very small!
A Ford F-250 is surveying the Runway for any Objects that may be on the ground
While the Truck is on the Runway, this Piedmont Airlines Embraer E145 waits patiently before it departs to PHL

Two methods of Transportation seen in one photo. A Car and Airplane.

A Bonanza Airplane landing with the ERJ145 still holding short

N305AR Taxiing to the GA Ramp via Lima

Piedmont finally on it’s way to PHL

Who here likes Helicopters? They’re interesting on how they’re able to fly with a rotor and not fall.

N279EJ An Eclipse 500, is taxiing to Signature. I Saw a glimpse of this plane when I toured Signature back in May

Southwest is a Major Tenant at Manchester. I wish to see other LCC at MHT such as jetBlue or Frontier

Final Airplane of the day! It’s now 2pm and I have to get home to get some rest. A Pacific Southwest Airlines (dba American Eagle) CRJ900 on Final

After landing and turning off Taxiway J1. For some reason, the right Engine had the Thrust Reverser on while it taxied on TWY H before halfway they disengaged the Reverser

Hope to Spot here soon again! Loved every moment!

Went into D’Angelos where I was spotting to take a seat, as I was tired from standing. I went home and rested and then went to work

After 5 hours of spotting, I finally went home and rested. I then got ready and went to work, on time at 4:30pm

How did you guys like the photos? Feedback is appreciated, and I thank you for your interest in viewing my photos! Thanks for stopping by!


Something tells me that you took a picture a literally every plane in that five hour frame. How much storage did that all take up?


Not all of them. Lots of Helicopters and a single CRJ200 made a pass near my location and I didn’t take pictures of those planes.

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Nice photos. Were you able to get any right as they touched down or took off the ground? Always like to see those pictures.

Would be a dream if JetBlue started winter seasonal flights to Florida from MHT! I know there was a news story last year that said MHT pitched to JetBlue, so maybe someday.

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Nice shots! I especially like the one of the CRJ and the 737 on the ILS.

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Nice Photos, what equipment ?

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That’s what the teacher told my Headmaster when she included me for a quiz… got it now. 😢

Nice pictures. If we’re being really honest, they could be a tad clearer, but they’re totally fine. The heat from all the engines at an airport is overwhelming, I must say.

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Dang! Love that SW 737-800 up close pic! Lovely! Your a great photographer!

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Very nice shots you had amazing variety of aircraft coming and going. Nice GA and airliners.

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Yes, seeing that made me excited. One time when I spotted at the Museum there were 3 airplanes on final, an E175, E145, and a Boeing 737. Thanks for your comment!

I used a Nikon Coolpix B500 and a standard Tripod I bought at my Walmart

Lovely detail! Shame MHT isn’t a destination for much bigger planes…
Do you know if any medium-wide body airliners will ever fly there? Just imagine some of those pictures but with a heavy.

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Yes, if I wanted to catch a wide body, I’d have to be at the airport around 6:30am. FedEx flew in a DC-10-10 last night and left on the morning.

FedEx usually flies a Boeing 767-300F into Manchester, as well as a Boeing 757-200F and an Airbus A300. Rarely a DC-10/MD-11, but they do come occasionally at some point

UPS flies in an Airbus A300, as well as a Boeing 757-200F and the Boeing 767-300F.

FedEx and UPS are the only airliners flying medium to wide body aircraft. Passenger versions are extremely rare

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Hey guys! I have finally uploaded my video! I hope you guys like it :)


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