Fish's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hi, 7O-RST here.

  • 08:12:57 The sequence in my clearance was wrong . You should have put me No2 since Delta 203VA has not touched done yet.

  • 08:20:10 Good work catching the go-around between Delta 203VA and me. But the go around could be slightly earlier.

  • 08:20:37 LATE runway exit command! For jetliner you need to give runway exit command around 70kts.

Great improvements but still some fine tuning space. Hope to see you in your next session.

BTW So glad to cooperate with @Jason102 on the G/A test :-)

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No issues your transition was spot on only thing i saw was the exit rwy commands and the GA other then that you did great

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Session ended! please rate for progress tracking

(will be closed in 30 minutes)

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OOF. Next time I will join, give you 8,and pull up your average rate😂😂😂

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@Korgast what is it?

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Go around test, is where one person on the runway purposefully acts like a pillock while another one is landing, thus causing a go around. but without any real intention of causing trouble


I want honest answers I really appreciate it if you do :)

Totally correct @Fung_Sum-sum

btw I need to stop my habit of playing Forza Horizon 4 in the middle of this gimmicky Tracking thread beat me up

Hello @Fish, if you need help in Training, you may apply for them with your recruiter as well. That way, IFATC members can help to attend your session and give feedback too.

Hope to see you passing your practical the next time :)

already patched up with a trainer! Just tryibg to get some practise using this thread. Thanks for your well wishes!


You opening tonight

no sorry. Come back tomorrow :)

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I plan to open at GCLP. Hope ya’ll can sign up early for my session! DM me if you want to

Sorry for not opening yesterday.

Open! (10語)

Please check the surroundings of the airport before issuing me a pattern. The mountains alone are already 1500 feet!

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Please pay your attention one more time on this post. IFR vertical separation (1000ft) is recommended between pattern traffic and TRA (transition) according to the official IFATC Manual, thus your TRA alt at GCLP should be 78ft(airport elv)+1500ft(jet pattern alt)+1000ft(IFR vertical separation)=2578ft. Rounding up to higher values — 3000ft is our TRA alt there instead of 2500ft.

Hi, I think you did great!! Really loved the initiative taken upon the emergency fuel announcement. Though, there’s definitely some parts that you have to improve on such as terrain awareness, etc.

  • When I came in asking for a touch and go, I was given right downwind runway 21R. Which is extremely dangerous considering that the mountains are higher then the altitude for pattern work. I had to climb higher than usual as I almost crashed.

  • When you want to clear someone who’s on pattern work and wants to switch runways, you need to include “after the option, make (x) traffic”. I was only given “Clear for the option, runway 21R”.

  • I also purposely aligned with the wrong runway which then I announced my go around. In this situation, “Aligned with the wrong runway” should have been used and if the pilot has not enter the approach cone for the right runway, the controller should instruct the pilot to go around. Though, I turned extremely early and barely gave you time to consider whether I was attempting to enter the approach cone for runway 21R or aligning myself with the wrong runway, 21L. So this is my fault, sorry!

  • Exit runway speed was given slightly early, it should be 60-70 knots for jets.

I’m sure you’ll do better and I’m looking forward to seeing you in IFATC!! :D

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ahh, i hate it when I dont

pay attention

tracking threads are boring as hell, it’s very deserted compared to training sessions and initial tests, that’s why I have set up early registratiosn for each and one of them

I feel very grateful for those who choose to come

Yeah, there’s barely anyone. Though I think it’s more about the timing on when you open it, or at least that’s how it was for me. Maybe try around 1200Z onwards and you should get more participants.