Fish's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Welcome to my ATC Tracking thread where YOU give me feedback during my sessions and help me prepare myself for what’s to come on the expert server as an ATC controller!

!! Note !!

I will be active for an hour and a half each time I open.
for convenience, I will be adding a date and time of when I close
Sessions will always take place on the Training server


I am now closed



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This is implemented from 21/11/20
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I encourage people to register early before each session starts. This helps in imitating the practical test. DM me to sign up!


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Hope to see you at my sessions!


I’ll come in a few, just writing feedback to another thread.

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Ok, coming in!

that session felt painful to me ngl

now awaiting feedback! refer above for feedback deadline

Feedback (CC-NPR):

  • Transition was high (5,000ft) – Before you open, you must calculate the correct transition altitude. You must add 1,000ft (vertical separation) + 1,500 (maximum pattern work altitude) + airport elevation. In this case, considering that the airport elevation is 0ft, your transition altitude should be 2,500ft.
  • Good pattern entry.
  • Clearance was corrected immediately.
  • You should have give Cathay an approval for his departure request, instead of just giving him a frequency change.
  • Unnecessary “You were already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” – Whenever a pilot reports their position + full stop after or before being cleared, they’re telling you that they’ll be stoping on this landing.
  • Great catch with the Go Around (I intentionally stayed on the runway btw).

It was an amazing first session, keep it up!


Feedback C-FMXA
-Taxi was the correct command since I was a TBM
-On guarding me while I was on tower requesting departure was unnecessary
-Sequencing and clearances were very late. Try to issue them late crosswind or early downwind. Couple times while I was the only aircraft you had I was getting them on base.
-Great call on the go around but it was very late since I was about to cross the threshold of the runway. When you saw that I was on a tight final turn and the aircraft was slow to vacate issue the go around, don’t be afraid to issue it if it looks close. When Nico reported full stop my goal was to make it close and I think Nico knew what I had planned since he took his time on the runway.
-3 times I was stopped completely on the runway with no exit command. Try to issue it around 70knts ground speed.
-I had to request change to ground since I never got the exit command.
-When I requested the runway change you missed the pattern direction but you quickly caught and fixed your mistake, good job.

Keep practicing, read the ATC manual and watch the Perfect ATC Test video that Tyler made.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

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transitions are not approved at 5000ft AAL
clearances need to be issued earlier
familiarise with the airport layout before opening
It’s not a speedrun, don’t speed message
acknowledge aircraft’s change in intentions.
approve departure request instead of being pissed at mistakes
please bookmark for future reference!

Update, check first post!

wow, you have opened a long time!!

only 1 came lol

Hi,I-KOST here. And my feedback is below.

  • Ground control is good. Nic and clean commands.
    Hope when the ground traffic is more heavy you can handle it too.
  • 07:30:22Z My first clearance is clear and right on time. There’s no sequencing involved so things are fine with that.
  • 07:40:02Z the runway change was handled well.
  • 07:40:02-07:42:07Z My clearance was missing. Remember to sequence on upwind/crosswind and clear the aircraft on crosswind/early downwind.
  • 07:42-07:45Z Connection issues, good to see you came back to controller position.
  • 07:47:47-07:52:55Z Late clearance. Refer to point 4 above.
  • 07:54:54Z Quick correction, nice. In fact you can also just go with it and send a second message instructing me to cross runway. But that depends on how you prefer.

I was trying to create a Go Around situation with the aircraft behind me but was not successful.(That’s why my landing was not so good lol) That’s no big problem, there’s always next session.

Overall your skills are very good, just a few details need some fine tuning. Hope my feedback helps!

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unfortunately due to frequent technical difficulties, I have to stop this tracking session. I will re-open it soon.

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I was only able to done one round so I don’t really have much feedback to give out, apologies!

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Let the gates open!!!


Since the last session was rather short, I don’t think feedback will be necessary.

I want to thank


for attending. Have a good day everyone and see you tomorrow!

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bump, I am open!

Ill come by to do some patterns.



  • Transition was good. No need to give me a frequency changed approved as I was in your airspace.

  • Didn’t give me a do not taxi through grass. I did it to see if you noticed.

Other then that good work. I would like to see how you handle with more aircraft etc.


oof, that’s a big problem, I use the real ATC camera because I want realism, I guess using high camera is recommended