First XCub flight?

What is going to be your first flight?

I am going to do a 600 mile flight from Florida to the Bahamas somewhere, or to here
But either way, it’s going to be a sight seeing flight!

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Thanks for using my photo, lol

I will definitely be flying around the Montana mountains for my first few flights! I’m currently working on editing a few very small air fields in the area that will be perfect for the XCub:-)

I wrote an article about some of the best places in the state if anyone else is interested is flying there:

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Probably my first flight will be Miami To the Grand Bahamian Airport

Probably from the factory in Washington up to Alaska!

Lajitas Texas. Right next to big bend. Such a scenic Hutu sadly underused place. I will just do a little flying in the chisos mountains

Or probably from Seattle to Portland great views of the mountains

Seems like a duplicate to me

This is your photo?! I just found it online lol😂😂 I just searched up “Glacier lake infinite flight”

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