First with the A330Neo

Finally i gotten my hands on the A330Neo and i am happy for it!

Flight Details:
Server: Solo
Liveries: Hi-Fly / Lion Air / Delta / Azul Rosa
Fiight Time: Various

Beast restin.’

Reversing it out!

Under the sunlight.

View from the flight deck.

Flight over the mountains.

Catching the moon!


I think this will be enough:


Really cool pics!


Amazing shoots mate! 💙


Loving the edits on the photos. Keep up the great work!

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Second one is the best 🚀

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These are just 🤩😲👏

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These photos are stunning! What editor do you use?

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Lightroom / Picsart for the sun effects

Normal Gallery editor (Lion Air pic)

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They are Beautiful dude!

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If you told me this was a real life photo I would believe you. Great edits!

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Stunning! Just stunning!😍🤯🤯 Especially the HiFly one! It looks so realistic!

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These photos are absolutely stunning, great work!

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