First VA flight for GAT! Amazing route!

Hey there! So today I completed my first VA flight for GAT (Global Airtours) I chose to do an amazing route taking me from the Mexican Cancun to the beautiful City of Baku, the route took me up to Miami then a right turn and heading for Sint Marteen, then across to Africa, cross the Sahara and reach part of the Mediterranean Sea after passing Cyprus the FPL took me over to Baku.

This route is not only the first flight for the VA but also a pb for flying 12+ in an A350! This flight was awesome!! Departed at 11pm and landed the next day at 3pm.

Server: Expert
Flight time: 16:21 hrs !!

Here are some pics of the flight!

Spawned in and ready to go!

Off we go, going to be climbing to FL330 to start off

Awesome pic just south of Florida!

Coming into Africa with the sun starting to rise!

Sun has finally rised and I’m somewhere over The Sahara

After 16hrs we finally reached Baku!

Another awesome pic!

Safely landed with a perfect butter Landing!

Hope you enjoyed these pics


Nice pictures man :) Kuddos to @Thunderbolt for a great VO


Thanks @Kevinsoto1502! Appreciate it! Yes it’s a really good VA because of its freedom of flying!

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Coughs into shirt…VA

Thanks for flying with us @MatthewSwift! Hope it was a great flight!


It sure was! The best flight I’ve done! So happy my app didn’t crash

image Best pic for me

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This was the FPL if anyone is interested


Sorry for 2nd pic

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Hahaha whoopsies 😜


Wow! I really just can’t get enough of the IF livery on the A359…


I love that second picture! And welcome to GAT!


Yes it’s nice!😍

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Me neither! Won’t stop flying it 🤣

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Awesome I recently applied for a VO, looking forward to getting a reply. GAT is an amazing VA and to have Thunderbolt running it is the cherry on top! Another VA to add to the list!
Happy Flying :D


Nice!! Great to see another pilot with us. Looks like you had a fun flight, nice pics!

Now let me go file this flight…

How do you make the lines disappear?

@Thunderbolt has a great VA, GAT is the best!

Lovely pictures :)

You don’t. It tends to happen when your FPL circles around the side of the planet you can’t see.

those are some nice shots!

Amazing pictures

Glad everyone liked the pics!