First US-made Airbus rolls out at Mobile, AL!

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Beautiful livery (At least what has been painted) and my favorite IAE V2500s and sharklets. Mobile plant off to a terrific start in my book :).

Congratulations Airbus, Alabama, Airbus A320 Family, and jetBlue Airways!


They are giving Boeing a run for its money! Love the look of the A321 in JetBlue! :)


Yeah but to do this in the US is unbelievabely expensive

Airbus can’t compete with Boeing’s manufacturing in the US

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Sure they can’t but their product is right up there with boeings.


Looks more like an A321 to me. ;)


Stop it you, I make mistakes ;) A321 it is


Lol this is one of the only things that Alabama has to be proud of (I’m an Alabamian myself)

I feel like at some point Airbus will grow so big that they will have factories everywhere!

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Something made in US, at last. (no offense)


LOL None taken. Some of us feel that way too

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Oh, you’re one of those…

Airbus give Boeing a run for their money…🤔

8800 B737s built since 1967
6892 A320 family (A318,319,320,321)

1367 B777’s built since 1994
1261 A330s built

1083 B767s
1054 B757s

1520 B747s built
377 A340s built

I’m not even going to go into the 727, 707s, 717, Or 787s because once you start adding in more Boeing aircraft you realize how Airbus will never catch up when numbers are compared. Now someone is going to post the order backlog for Airbus and spout how great the NEO is compared to the MAX🙄

Long story short… Orders are just that… ORDERS… I can order a cheeseburger from In-N-Out burger and realize there’s a 5 Guys down the street and walk out on my order. Doesn’t mean I have to take delivery of my burger if I find a better one.😱



Oh one last thing then I’ll be quiet…

So Airbus conveniently came out with “winglet like” SHARKLETS because if they called them winglets they’d have to not only pay Boeing but admit Boeing was correct when they designed them. So finally the only way you could get better fuel efficiency was to copy the competition and call them a different name. I’ll stick to my Boeing but I’m glad they have brought manufacturing jobs to the USA 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.




You make a great point

I hope that doesn’t happen xD

I don’t mind one in San Francisco ;). I like Boeing a lot but Airbus will always be in my heart for sentimental reasons ;)

B737 started in 1967 - 8800 airplanes
A320 started in 1988 - 6892 airplanes

– airbus started 21 years later!

This point goes out to @klmpilot