First United 77W complete

The first United 777-300ER is about to begin its B1 flights.

Disclaimer: Not my photo

If anyone has any legitimate updates post a reply below.


Great! Looking forward to see it flying.

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Such an amazing livery on an amazing plane!

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It looks really nice. Can’t wait to see it in service.


Was a suprise! I didn’t know United ordered some 300ERs.

She looks beautiful as always.

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They switched some of their 787 orders to the 77W because they decided that it wasn’t that groundbreaking and that the 777-300ER fit their needs better.


Boeing 777, the world’s best selling wide body


With that livery, the 777 looks twice as old as it already is…


Looks great!

The #standby will give some nice free flyin’ on the beauty.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Air China 787 yet. That makes the 787 look ancient.

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The Air China livery makes everything look ancient, especially after a few flights through Beijing’s famous smog.

chinagovernmentplzdonthackmekthxbai XD

Agreed, maybe have more colors for their livery instead of white blue and Grey, Air China needs a new livery

You would think their brand new 77Ws were 20 years old from the outside. I mean the white-based special liveries look pretty good. The phoenix logo looks fine there.

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That looks very slick! Well done United.

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