First ULR flight in Infinite Flight EK262 SBGR-OMDB

After almost 3 years of playing Infinite Flight, I finally did my first ULR flight, and my first time posting in the community page.

Trying to regain my Grade 4, but It is proving to be quite difficult! During lockdown, when I was on leave from my actual airline job, I had much much more time to play!!! But since coming back to flying this year, unfortunately I’m only able to play a few times a week now!

Flight EK262, Emirates 777-200LR from São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport to Dubai International in the Expert server.

Full load today, departing GRU, Terminal 3, Gate 322, at 0800 local time, and arriving into Dubai 14 hours 21 mins later. Flight plan posted below, using SimBrief to create, route took us NE over Rio De Janeiro, before out over the South Atlantic, crossing just to the south of Ascension Island before making land fall again over Cameroon.

Continued east over Africa at FL310, and into Saudi Arabia, before making our initial descent over Doha. I used to LORI1E Star for the arrival into DXB and the ILS 30L for my landing. Smooth touchdown at DXB, the 777 handles beautifully, both on take off and landing.

I use the iPad Pro 12.9 inch to play, does anyone have any recommendations for the battery life? I did notice that this game does tend to drain the battery quite clearly. I’m scared to mess up the battery one my iPad!

Hope you guys enjoy! Planning my next 4 flight for today, SWA 737-700 from my home airport of RSW to HOU and back, and a quick shuttle from BOS-BWI-BOS.

Happy Jetting


Cool! And that Emirates livery looks so good on the 777! You should lower your brightness and go to settings and lower down the graphics on settings to save your battery.

It does, I agree, both in IF and in real life. I used to see it every morning here in my base in FLL, but since EK relocated to MIA, I don’t get to wake up to the sound of those engines! :(

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That sucks:( I am lucky though because Seattle is the only Major airport in Washington that has int travel so they probably will not switch airports. Nice pics

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Hey there! Cool pictures but you didn’t follow the rules for #screenshots-and-videos:

Remember to take screenshots in the replay mode to avoid having the HUD in your pictures!


Cool! Don’t worry about the battery. Everything is okay.

Whoops! Sorry, I apologise about that! I didn’t read the whole thing through! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll take note!

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This is so nice!! Thanks for sharing it! ;)