First try using the new B737 and VNAV function

Great Job Infinite Flight.
I hope the team will reworked for other aircraft to just like B772.

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I did a full flight last night and I have to say VNAV makes descent planning a dream rather than a nightmare.


That landing though…ouch… 😂

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me too, but the traffic on the server was full. apps lagging

yeah, i switch the camera view, haha

Im landing in 8 hours looking forward to trying it out :)

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My first 20.1 flight was with the 737, I went straight into the action using everything. Can definitely say it’s an absolutely outstanding rework and can see some improvements somewhere on the system since my device is way less leggy when in a live cockpit 🤔.

This update is phenomenal.


Let’s not worry about that landing shall we 😂?
Isn’t this absolutely awesome? Thank you so much infinite flight team you have done such a great job.
Question, does VNAV let you not have to change everything for a descent so on the long hauls, we can sleep in longer?

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