First try in Playground...

I’ve got my standing up to 100%, with 5500xp, and I’m ready to give flying with ATC. Before I make a fool of myself, I thought I’d ask a few questions…

Initially, I thought I’d remain in pattern, but I’m not sure how the pattern commands are sequenced. Do you give each turn command, and wait for the ATC to OK them?

Is it something like this?..

Me: turning left crosswind (wait for ATC to ack)
ATC: Ok for left crosswind or whatever his response is
Me: Make the turn

Is that the sequence for each turn?



When you want to report your position if the controller hasn’t cleared you, you’d normally announce it on that position. If you are on right downwind, you announce right downwind, if you are on final, you announce final. It’s not that hard :)

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Refer to this image to help you!


To add to what DJ said, do not report position when already cleared to land. Here is a more in depth tutorial.
Have fun!


My question was with regard to the interaction with the ATC.

Let me restate it…

If cleared for pattern work, do I make the turns when I see fit and just inform the ATC, or do I ask permission prior to each turn?

This will be my first time in the playground, so there are a lot of unknowns…

Go to the tutorials category and you’ll find many helpful topics there, even those you never thought of initially.

You make turns when you see fit. Don’t announce them if you’ve been sequenced or cleared

Huge props for joining the community and asking for assistance! I guarantee you gained a lot of favor with that move… Welcome!!

In pattern (when taking off and remaining in pattern) just report on the downwind w/intentions to touch and go or full stop. The controller will sequence you, and clear you. No need to report position every leg, that clogs up the frequency.


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!


Another helpful resource within this community is that there are usually new controllers here that practice controlling pattern. They announce they are practicing spontaneously in the Live or ATC categories. Keep an eye out for these threads! The practice goes both ways, they can give you direct feedback via PM. That in game ATC voice only has so many messages… helpful yes, but not always as detailed as needed to work thru complex situations.

I hope you enjoy the layover here, and I look forward to seeing you out there in the jungle… I mean playground :P

Sounds like a good idea, thanks!

First flight with ATC was cool!

Wasn’t quite sure what to do when I was told to line up and wait when I contacted tower… I taxied onto the runway and waited. Then I heard another aircraft was cleared to land and thought I messed up! breathed a sigh of relief when I was cleared for take off.

Thanks everyone for your help!


So that was not a normal situation?

(Holding on the runway when someone was cleared to land…)

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Nothing wrong with that situation. Someone else can be cleared for landing even if there are like 3-4 planes taking off before the cleared plane lands :)


Just remember that ATC playground is for not only pilots to practice for advanced, but also for ATC to practice for advanced. ATC and pilots on playground aren’t 100% professional. They are practising just like you.Anyways, welcome to playground!

I’m glad you liked it. You’ll find lots of bad people on that server so be sure to fly regurlary so you can progress to Advanced.

I started another session in the playground this morning, but the available messages looked like free flight. Is that because there wasn’t an ATC at the airport? If so, is there a way to determine which airports are manned?

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You were most likely on unicom. Unicom is a type of ATC used by pilots to communicate with each other. You are automatically transfered to unicom if there is no manned ATC. To check if there is manned ATC, enter the main ATC page and click the “Back” button at the top. That will give you a list of ATC operations. ATC in green are active, ATC in white are unicom.

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You’re right, The only option was Unicom… Can I tell from the map which airports are manned? I.e. A different color for the airport ICON.

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Manned airports have their ICAO in green on the map. Clicking on them will display the ATC positions manned by which user on the top left hand corner ^^