First Tripod Session @RCTP

The photo doesn’t look really right when there’s no direct sunlight on the fusalage for me now, but the 777 is always pretty.

This 777 looks like a grandfather taking care of his 5 grandkids hahaha

Beautiful starbrust
6s f16 iso100

Looks like the beacon light is not strobing as light as it original be :((((
6s f16 iso100

The Emirates A380 is overexposed by the airport light when the 777 has no light on the taxiway, makes this long exposure shot impossible to become good XDDD
15s f11 iso100

I really enjoyed these long exposure shots, will definitely try it again in the future… Thanks for watching!


I actually missed one picture, a 787-10 waiting for its flight later in the night at the remote stand.
10s f16 iso100


Photos get better and better every session! I’ll be in Taipei soon but the layover’s too short to spot at :(


Thanks. And oops too bad 🥴 Welcome and have a nice layover! If you want to spot inside the terminal get ready for those colored glass everywhere in terminal 2, that’s a disaster when I was editing terminal spotting pics 🤯

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Hell yeah these two are awesome!

my suggestion if there’s no direct sunlight on the aircraft is to darken the entire sky (instead of just one side); still great photo nonetheless!


Thanks! That sounds good, I’ll try next time ;)

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