First Transatlantic flight

Today I did my first Transatlantic flight

I was the Airbus 350-900 Aer Lingus EIDW-KJFK. My cruising altitude was a height of 35,000 feet and It was roughly a 7 hour flight. Thanks a lot for the new update resume. I used it a lot since I have been busy lately


Any suggestions for another flight

Have a good Day aviators

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Nice pic I also did my first transatlantic flight just recently like 2 days ago it was from Amsterdam to princess juliana airport with KLM A330 took me 9hr 59min to complete.

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Thank you Do you have any suggestions For another transatlantic or transpacific

Can you explain what that new “resume” function is? I dont really understand it. Thanks!

So basically let’s say you are doing a long flight and you need to do something you can pause your flight and come back to it later. The requirements when you are offline you have to be above 5000 feet and in multiplayer above 28,000 feet
So now you can do Paris to Tokyo and do it over a couple of days

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Oh wowww thats greattt! Thanks for explainig dude!!

That’s great flight, hopefully you will be able to do more

Here, try EIDW-RJTT, a real interesting flight!

Mine was Paris Orly (LFPO) - Newark (KEWR) with the FrenchBee A359, Would love to try another flight with FrenchBee if IF releases the A35K

First i like to say nice Flight. Only for the future when you fly westbound you should use an ALT even so 340/360/380/400!

I know that on the Ocean Tracks the ATC could sometimes give you an odd ALT but normaly you have to fly an even one.

Have a save Flight

I am currently flying from Mauritius to london which is about 12hr long will be my longest flight so far.

Does Flight Resume affects your replay?

Just landed in London a litle bit over 11hr later.

Not sure what you mean but it gives you seperate replay each time you pause the flight.

Yes it dose, it treats it like a separate flight.