First Transatlantic Flight

This evening, I decided to do a Transatlantic flight, from KJFK to EGLL in an American Airlines 777-200, in the old-style livery, and on the Training Server. Here’s some photos from the flight!

Departing from KJFK

Cool photo of the Atlantic coastline

Last view of North America

Entering Atlantic Jet Route “U” right as sunset comes to an end

view off the fuselage in the middle of the Atlantic

first view of Europe

View of EGLL as I come in on approach for runway 27R

Successfully on the ground!

Docked at the gate (can’t remember gate number)

This was a fun flight to do, with the added bonus of my first successful landing in the 777! I hope everyone enjoys the pics.


Nice job, but you really should train your landings on solo mode before flying some obese plane like the A380 and slamming on to the beginning of the runway in front of several planes lined up for takeoff

There was no plane lined up for take off, and I was cleared for landing by an active ATC. There was a plane taking off from 27L, which is why I was given clearance for 27R.

Cool photo

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