First touchdown after almost an year

Took off from KNLC

Cursing at FL330

It’s time to descend!!! At KLAX……

At this point I realised that I am not gonna do a perfect landing because I was too low at on finals….

After struggling a lot I did a hard landing at KLAX airport and realised I’ll need to do landing practice again…. However I was happy that I didn’t crashed the airplane 😂😂😂

Parking was done at my own desecration……

After flying almost than a year I noticed that Airbus is more easy to land than Boeing. Anyways everyone has their own point of view!!! What’s your view let me know in the comment section 😄😄😄


Wow that’s funny a Ryanair at KLAX lol


Ryanair + KLAX = Ultimate return to IF


First landing in a while and used to be on the expert server long ago when I used to be Grade-3

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Nice man!!!

Wow really nice flight with Ryanair to LAX. I hope your next flight will be EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) with an Air Koryo B78X.🍙🍘


El Classico already done bro!!! With Lufthansa A350-900!!! Yes but I am looking forward to Do a flight with an Air Koryo B78X…… will share the images soon 😄

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What a comeback on a legend!

Hmm. A Ryanair in KLAX? Niceee anyways welcome back lol :)

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Thank you bro!!!

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Thank you 😊

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I guess something went wrong. 😂

Your experience says it all 😂😂😂

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🎶 You can alwayssss go around, if it don’t look righttt comin’ down. Don’t wait until you’re sideways, maybe sliding on the ground, you can alwaysss go around 🎶

I’m so bored
I’m so bored
So bored🎶

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