First Timers

So i wanna get more professional with the whole concept who landing takeoffs in etc. What plane would you suggest i start off with (airbus or boeing) and what plane should i work my way up to

You should start with a smaller plane. Try a Cessna 172, 208, Cirrus SR22 GTS. Get to know the flight physics and learn how pilot-to-ATC interaction works in Infinite Flight. Also, vote here

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if you want a bit bigger, maybe the cessana citation or the ERJ 190 and move up the 737 and then 777. the 737-777 is a big one so maybe if you want and I’m assuming you have all planes 737-8-757-777-3-747 and ur good

Hm… This is the universal question.

Personally, I would suggest what @Swang007 said. Don’t follow down the path that I took, when my first flight happened to be with a 747-400…

With that being said, it was a big plane. Big planes = awesomeness in my eyes. It was… hypnotizing. Almost like that zebra hallucination you get with that blue moss.

But yeah. Start with a C172 or something. Gradually build your way up. :D

Cessna 172 is a terrific, stable, easy-to-fly aircraft.

Upgauge to a 208 when you’re ready.

Practice some touch-and-gos with these planes and then you can graduate to the 757 and 767, both of which are very stable airframes-dream to fly-but watch your throttles!

Then 777 (also watch throttle) then finally the 747/A380. After that, the possibilities are… Ahem… Infinite :)

The 757 is a very easy aircraft to fly, I recommend that.

I think the b737-700 is easyer

I would suggest to start on a Boeing 737-700 or something of a similar size (a320 when it come out) because they are very easy to fly
With small planes they are very sensitive and hard to fly
please don’t hate me this is my opinion

I agree with Josh and Dylan,

The 737-700 is a good size plane to start with, I too find the smaller C172-208 harder to fly as they are more sensitive.

However before starting to fly do a bit of research on take off speeds / flap settings as well as approach and landing speed / settings as this will help and make it more enjoyable.

Happy contrails!