First time you have ever been in the cockpit

Nice! I can’t wait till I start mine!

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I have a private pilots license :)

I fly:
Cessna 170/175/208
Beechcraft King Air/Super King Air
Leerjet 35/45/60

A319/A320/A321 (in training)

I have been in the cockpit of the following planes

(as a passenger):

Entire A320 Family (excluding A320neo)
A350-900, -1000

B737-800, 900
B777-200ER, 200LR, 300ER
B787-8, -9

First time in a plane cockpit was when I was 2 :)

I was first in the cockpit at age three on a commercial flight. The last time I was in the cockpit was literally just yesterday. I was talking with the flight attendant and before I knew it, I was talking with the first officer in a United ERJ-170!

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Never been to a cockpit because im too shy…

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The first plane cokpit i ever went into was the boeing 767-300ER

I am pretty sure my first time was in a Delta A319 flying to Memphis I believe.

When I was 8 in an A320, they let me turn on and off the seatbelt signs and let me push the throttle and joystick a bit (on the ground obviously lol)

I am kinda like that but it’s worth to ask maybe have your parents help you with that so you can see the cockpit

My first time in a cockpit was an American Boeing 737-800 going from ANU - JFK on the 1st July 2018.

Good try. You can’t have a PPL to have fly the Airbus series. Those require type ratings along with the Lear and king air types

This is actually LOL! You might have a PPL but you can’t fly anything but a Cessna 170/175/180 with JUST a PPL. The others require other ratings

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I took a picture with my pilot on an Air China flight from Newark to Beijing

I was 9 at the time and It was a school trip to Disneyland Paris, on TAP’s a319. They invited all the students to go with one parent, originally I didnt want to go, but my dad (I think he wanted to go there) insisted for me and him to go, so we went and I got to see the pilots changing the Heading at Cruise altitude and talking to ATC. Thanks dad for making me go!
Unfortunatly it was the only time :-(.

That would be this morning actually. First day of flight training.
1973 Cherokee PA-28-160 N56578

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Wow congratulations on your first flight

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I really don’t remember the first time
I do remember I checked out an MD88 cockpit

@KevinMc88 Me also! Went up in a Cessna 172 for the first time this morning. 😊

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I went to an airshow in Birmingham AL when i was 7, one of the planes we could tour was a C-130, I got to sit and they let me press a few buttons, my little self was happy for the rest of that day.

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