First time you have ever been in the cockpit

Hey tell me when you were first in a airplane cocpit


my first time up there they let me do something like turn on and off the seatbelt sign but I was too scared to be lifted to do it because I was 3 my first time 😆😆😂🤣

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You say cockpit not cocpit. :)


I did it a couple years ago after a southwest flight to Fort Lauderdale. I got a picture with my hand on the throttle and yoke. I also got to set the required trim for the next flight.

I was once invited up in a flight on a dash 8 was like 8 and too scared to go up.

I was 10 and I met the pilot of a 77W. I asked him questions about the flap settings and he was impressed. He let me put on his hat and let me touch the yoke and throttle. I also got to move the rudder!

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I was 7 and were stuck on the ground at some place in egypt just looked around I believe it was a a 737 but not to sure

First time I was in a cockpit was in a 737 at the Seattle Boeing muesem, but the first time I was ever in both the cockpit and on the wheel of a flying plane was two weeks ago in a Cessna 172, I flew it 7/8 of the flight, right after the plane took of and 30 seconds before it landed, it was so awesome

First time in a cockpit was probably at some random aviation museum. But my first time after a flight was on a Delta 767-300er from Los Angeles to Honolulu. I was like 9 or something.

About 3 months ago at YYZ, WestJet MAX 8

Well I have been in almost every Deltas fleet plane bc I got a plug over at Delta.

My first inflight cockpit visit was onboard a Scandinavian Airlines MD-80 from Brussels to Copenhagen. Clear skies sunny weather that day allowed me to overlook the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen and of course the Öresund bridge on approach. What a great experience!

Wow that’s awesome I never got to do something like that

Lol we all have that feeling sometimes it feels as you might mess something up lol

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A beautiful Northwest A330-300 cockpit, I will never forget… <3 <3


I don’t remember my first time in a cockpit, but only recently have I been asking after flights.

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First time I was in a cockpit it was during spring break of this year, it was a 727 cockpit at the Museum of Flight up in Everett Washington next to the Boeing Factory. You should check it out sometime, cockpit is worn down but everything works and is functional.

I recommend going when you board its easer I find it

Usually not for me… As I always board last, and the pilots are always busy. I try to be the last one off the plane so the pilots have no reason not to let you in.

First time for me was the day I started flight lessons for my private pilots license…

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