First Time with Dash-8

Hello everyone, I am from China, a flying enthusiast, now fourteen years old, I hope you enjoy the flight screenshot


What screenshot?

Sorry, I don’t know how to upload my pictures?

You copy and paste it. :)

Thank you. I’ll try, wait.


WOW those pictures are perfect. Are you lying when you say you are new! :)

This is really the first time I’ve landed on this plane, and I promise to God that all I’m saying is true.

I found that I was very difficult to land a large passenger plane like the Boeing 747, often stall, and then the aircraft will not be used.

Beautiful pics :)

yes is very good

you line up with the runway perfectly, it took me a couple of days to line my plane up with the runway centerline. such a good landing mate. WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!

thank you very much

Maybe someone could make a tutorial on how to fly the Dash as many people have trouble with flying it.

By the way, Great Runway lineup and landing :D

Good, then my simple description about my take-off process, in the beginning I will stop the plane and then start to debug the plane, I will open on autopilot, the reservation height setting in the 100 meters, steering does not do any changes flap angle adjusted to 30 DEG C, tail wing was adjusted to 20 DEG C, and then close the stop condition, power will be rapidly accelerated to 100 percent, then takeoff completed

Maybe I’ll take on the job.

On a side note, please keep your VS low(nose up approach)

And welcome to the community, 欢迎来到这个community.

ok very very thank

I was just kidding with you! :)

Okay, I think I’m serious.😂

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