First Time Spotting

Just went spotting for the first time ever! What can I improve on?

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Hm… Move to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and take better pictures there. :P

Joke aside, those look pretty good! I know nothing about spotting techniques, though… @Rotate might be a better source of help regarding angles and all that mumbo-jumbo.

Those planes in the background are pretty nice, so there’s that. The airport looks rather interesting, and I appreciate the time it took for you to take those pictures.


Great job!

Close-ups are nice, especially the fact that you can get so close to the runway.

I’m on a mobile device right now so I can’t say all of this with 100% confidence but some shots have good lighting whereas some could have a bit more or less, depending on the shot. It’s all about the time of day, cloud cover, location, angle, etc. though. I’ve provided a link at the botom that details and gives examples of lighting (They are much more exaggerated than yours but that’s what lighting can do).

Regarding locations, looks like you did great. Got close up to the ramp and runway (Or you have a very long lens). I never started on GAs but looking back, it seems like a mice and easy way to start because the small airports are not as high-strung as even the smallest commercial airports that recieve a fair amount of paying traffic.

That said, if you want to stay with the small airports, that’s perfectly fine, but I wouldn’t expect a lot of changes. Same general pool of private props and occasionally a jet or two but with different liveries.

If you to upgrade, you can chose to do it in scales or you can go to the top.

The next step up from a non-commercial airfield would be the small commercial airports that may recieve a UAX Dash 8-200, a US Airways CRJ-200, Delta ERJ-145, or a combo. These airports are generally easy to “access”. Go up in their underfilled parking lots or along the runway fence and you’ll be fine. Security isn’t so prevalent or harrassing there.

Once you go to the international airports or those that recieve more commercial jets and private jets/props, then don’t expect it to be nice. You need a long lens and a location which I have detailed here:

If you have any self criticisms or want to see examples of lighting, you can see the link for those two.


They look good to me Sean ;)